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About Company

We provide professional accounting, financial and social services for individuals. Our specialists have many years of experience and are ready to help you and answer all of your questions during a free no obligation consultation. Clients from various countries trust us because we provide services of outstanding quality.

During the comprehensive consultation tailored specifically for every individual client you will be able to choose the solution that fits your needs best.

Collaboration creates smarter and more effective work

We also provide consultations for people who have just arrived to the UK introducing them to the employment opportunities and situation in the country as well as required documents and necessary information. We also provide business consultations and training for the self-employed.

Our office is based in Barking, East London, but we work successfully with clients from all over the UK. We are accessible via various communication means including e-mail, Skype, Viber, Messenger and WhatsApp.

We work for the best results for our customers

We provide services related to:
▪ Annual tax returns
▪ Tax rebate
▪ Tax return penalty appeals
▪ All benefits
▪ Pensions
▪ Resident certificates
▪ And many more

We also have a great discount system! Please accept our kind invitation to use our services, get to know our team that extends goodness, joy, smile and trust to every client.


We offer following services

  • Social service
  • Financial service
  • Limited company
  • Translation service


Social service

▪ Resident cards
▪ Child Benefit
▪ Working Tax Credit / Child Tax Credit
▪ Maternity
▪ Housing Benefit
▪ Social Housing
▪ State pension / Pension credit
▪ Universal Credit
▪ Appeals for benefits
▪ Help in providing correct documents for benefit check
▪ Writing letters and making phone calls
to HMRC and other organizations
▪ Filling out forms
▪ Help in confirming income for letting agencies


Financial service

▪ For self-employed: Tax Return / Self Assessment
▪ Penalty remission
▪ Appeals for HMRC
▪ For employee. Tax refund
▪ Self-employed registration (UTR)
▪ CIS registration
▪ Training for self-employed
▪ National Insurance registration
▪ Address confirmation
▪ Bank account
▪ Employment history


Limited Company

▪ Limited company registration
▪ PAYE registration
▪ Payroll
▪ Bookkeeping
▪ Corporation Tax HMRC
▪ VAT registration and VAT returns
▪ CIS registration and returns

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    Whatsapp: ​+447401303355
    Mobile: 07401 303 355 info@eeaconsultingservices.co.uk



    MAKE IT, Studio 214, Roycraft House, 15 Linton Road, Barking, IG11 8HE.

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    Monday to Friday:  10am - 5pm
    Saturday: 10am - 4pm


    Please choose one of the following lines to reach our consultants who speak your language.


    Whatsapp: ​+447401303355
    Mobile: 07401 303 355 

    Whatsapp: ​+447401303355
    Mobile: 07401 303 355 

    Whatsapp: ​+447401303355
    Mobile: 07401 303 355 

    Whatsapp: ​+447401303355
    Mobile: 07401 303 355 

    Whatsapp: ​+447401303355
    Mobile: 07401 303 355 

    Whatsapp: ​+447401303355
    Mobile: 07401 303 355